1.2 – Mental Health Statistics

There are thousands of different statistics out there in regards to mental health, however we will not go through them all here. As such, here are a few pertinant points in relation to mental health at work:

  • 1/6 are dealing with mental issues are any one time.
  • ¼ will experience mental health issues at some point in their life.
  • In 2018 over 4 million sick days were taken as a result of mental health (roughly 1/4 of all sick days)
  • Men in full-time employment are almost ½ as likely to have common mental health problems compared to their female counterparts (10.9% vs 19.8%)
  • People who work and have common mental health contribute over £225 billion to the UK economy each year, accounting for over 12% of the GDP.

Should you wish to look at some more statistics on various sources the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is a particularly good resource. Click here for their website.

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