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MoreEd was started by two professionals who value professional development. Over the course of their careers (one in the healthcare industry, one in the constuction industry) they had undergone numerous courses in order to develop both personally and professionally. Whilst doing so, they both noticed that many online training providers had complex systems of registration, out-dated materials and were generally hard to navigate. As such, they decided they would provide an quick, easy-to-use system that did not compromise on the quality of their content – MoreEd was born.

As part of this process many hours were spent talking about exactly what the ethos or mission statement of MoreEd was and how it could best be portrayed. Meticulous thought was put into every aspect of MoreEd, including its branding. In the end, three colours were chosen – blue, green and white. These three colours were selected as it was felt that these provided the fresh, inviting environment that MoreEd is designed to be.

As part of this, MoreEd values feedback – your thoughts matter to us. It is as this point we invite you to give us your initial thoughts of MoreEd in the form below. In doing so, you enable us to provide the top-notch service we will stop at nothing to deliver. We have made all of the personal information fields optional in case you would like to stay anonymous.

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