Course Structure

So this is a lesson, as you can see on the your sidebar, these fall under Modules. Taking the tree one step further Course > Module > Lesson. This is where you will find the majority of the content of courses, as we go through different segments of information.

The information from these segments will sometimes be followed by ‘Tests’. While these may seem intimidating at first, the point of these is to allow a safe, no consequence, way to see if the content has been learned. This is in preparation for the end of unit and end of course tests, which are a little more serious. Failing one of these will mean you cannot progress on to the next module until it has been passed.

Tests are formed of questions, aimed at specific bits of information that are vital for a better understanding of a topic. The purpose of these is not to catch you out, but ensure you are ready to continue.

Now we will look at an brief example test, please click ‘Next Module’.

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