Creating a Positive Work Environment – As a Company

There are many ways in which a positive working environment can be fostered. As part of this course, we will split this into two categories. The first catergory with compromise of more macro changes – company wide changes. The second category will focus on more micro changes – changes with a more invidiual focus.

We will start with the company wide changes that can be made:

Adopt a Mental Health Positive Ethos

Good mental health support starts at the top. Involving all levels of management is a great start to show how the company cares. Let employees know that the company as a whole genuinely cares for their mental wellbeing and staff morale will quickly see the benefits. Work have significant positive effects on mental health if the employee is supported.

Use Data to Guide You

Reguarly collect information from staff about their mental health and opinions of what is going well and what isn’t. Nothing will guide you better than honest information – and if you can collect it anonymously even better.

Act on Findings

Don’t just collect data and then do nothing with it as this will likely end up in staff feeling they are not being listened to. Act on the findings and provide feedback and explanations to keep the conversation open and honest. Keeping employees in the loop will let them know you are actively working in their interests.

Use Evidence-Based Policies

Use evidence-based policies to ensure that you set a standard across the whole company. This standardisation ensures that values are the same across departments.

Put Provisions in Place

Ensure your company has provisions in place to aid in cultivating mental wellness. These provisions can be anything that aids mental health. Examples include: EAP programmes, encouraging regular breaks, counselling services as well as many others.

Value Training

Putting value in training from the most senior levels to the front-line can form a great foundation for positive work enviroment on all fronts. Putting time and energy into staff will result in higher output from them.

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