Fall Arrest Systems

Fall arrest systems

These systems do not prevent a fall from occurring but are designed to catch an individual in the event of a fall. Therefore, they are used when a fall could take place. There is a vast amount of fall arrest systems that use varying methods to arrest a fall. One thing they do have in common is fall arrest system will have an energy absorber built into the system to absorb some of the energy produced during a fall. Fall arrest systems should only be used by trained and competent individuals.


  • Complete a pre-use inspection
  • Make sure the individual is trained and competent in the type of fall arrest system used
  • Make sure the fall arrest system is attached to an unquestionably reliable anchor
  • Make sure the fall arrest system is correctly attached to the harness
  • Make sure the harness is fitted correctly

Do not:

  • Never use fall arrest equipment unless trained and competent in its use. This may require further training in different fall arrest systems

Main hazards:

  • User is untrained and incompetent in the fall arrest systems use
  • Ill fitted harness
  • Poor anchor selection or attachment
  • Hitting obstacles during a fall
  • Poor placement of anchors creating a larger fall or potential to take a large swing

The videos below demonstrates a number of DO’s and Don’ts on different fall arrest systems as well as what actually happens to the human body during a fall.

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