Getting around When Not Logged In

This lesson will show you how to navigate around MoreEd. You made it this far, so you will likely have figured out much of this already, but you may find a few bits of information which make you time here a little smoother.

Logged out

So you more than likely began your journey with without an account. While logged out you will likely see something like this if you’re on desktop:

Navigation Menu

As you can see there are 5 options here: Home, Courses, Services, Contant Us and Login.

I won’t go into each section specifically however, I will delve into the two most important one: Courses and Login.


Courses offers a user-friendly view of the courses we offer. Each course is has five features: a label, a picture, a title, a description and a link, as so:


While most of the features here need no explanation, the label and link behave dynamically depending on whether you are registered to a course.


You may have noticed by this point that there is no function to register. This function is by design to ensure that our system is as fast and easy-to-use as possible for you guys. When you purchase a course you will be asked to provide some information which will be used to automatically generate your account. By doing this, we ensure that you do not have to wait to access the content you have paid for. Once you have bought your couse, you will be automatically signed in, and a password sent to your email address (which can be changed in My Account). From here on, you can sign in using the login link.

Login modal

Next we will look at navigating a course. Please click ‘Next Topic’ to continue.

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