Ladders require careful use and should only be used for jobs that are short in duration (30 minutes or less) and allow the user to maintain 3 points of contact.


  • Pre use inspection
  • Position ladder for safe access and out the way of other hazards such as vehicals
  • Place ladder on a firm level base and positioned at an angle of 75 degrees (1 unit horizontally to 4 units vertically).
  • The base of the ladder must be footed or weighted. Were possible the ladder should be tied at the top.
  • Ladders being used for access should extend 1 metre above the landing place
  • Maintain 3 points of contact

Do not:

  • Do not overreach
  • Do not overload the ladder
  • Dont have more that one person on the ladder at the same time
  • Don’t work off the top 3 rungs
  • Dont ever place the ladder within 6m of overhead power lines
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