Lifting, Lowering, Carrying


  • Stand in a stable position with legs roughly shoulder width apart
  • Were possible, place one foot in front of the other
  • Get a good secure grip of the load
  • Use leg muscles to lift or lower the load
  • Keep back in a natural upright position
  • During the lift or lower keep load as close to the body as possible
  • Keep your back-posture constant and look forward
  • Move smoothly throughout the lift, carry and lower
  • When changing direction ensure you turn with the whole body and don’t just twist your torso


  • Don’t stoop over
  • Don’t keep feet to close together as this may result in you toppling over
  • Don’t move fast or aggressively
  • Don’t twist or lean sideways with the load

An Olympic weightlifter spends hundreds of hours practicing their lifting techniques to ensure they get it right. This suggests that lifting loads isn’t an easy skill to master. Like all skills this technique requires practice to get it right. Practice makes permanent, so ensure you practice correctly. This will help you naturally use good lifting techniques in the work place and get into good habits.

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