Mobile Elavating Work Platforms (MEWP’s)

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP’s)

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms are a work platform that can be raised under its own power. They can be easily manoeuvred, either under their own power or by being towed into place. This allows them to be easily positioned were they are needed. There are a wide variety of MEWP’s which use different methods to elevate and manoeuvre the work platform.   


  • Make sure the operator is fully trained and competent in that type of MEWP
  • Make sure it is used on firm level ground
  • Make sure the area below the MEWP is clear
  • Guardrails and toeboards should be fitted to the work platform
  • Make sure everyone involved knows what to do if the MEWP fails with the platform raised
  • Make sure there is always sufficient distance between the MEWP and any overhead obstructions

Do not:

  • Operate MEWPs under overhead cables
  • Move the MEWP whilst in the raised position unless it is specifically designed to do so
  • Overload or overreach the work platform

Main Hazards:

  • MEWP collapses or overturns
  • Falling from the work platform
  • Objects falling from the work platform
  • Entrapment or being crushed between the MEWP and an obstruction
  • MEWP being operated by someone who is not trained or competent
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