Mobile Tower Scaffolds

Mobile tower scaffolds

Mobile tower scaffolds provide a work platform at height for light work. They consist of a light weight design with an internally fitted ladder that leads to the work platform. Due to their light weight constructions and often being mounted on wheels they can be easily moved.


  • Make sure the tower is places on firm ground
  • They must be erected and dismantled by a trained and competent person in accordance with the supplier’s instructions.
  • Wheels are turned outwards and wheel breaks are on
  • If needed, ensure tower is tied (secured) or outriggers are used

Do not:

  • Exceed the maximum height set by the manufacture
  • Overload the tower
  • Move the tower unless it is clear of people, equipment and materials
  • Never use a tower near live overhead power lines
  • Climb up the outside of the tower

Main Hazards:

  • They can topple over
  • They can collapse if overloaded or erected incorrectly
  • Falling objects from the platform
  • Falls from the platform
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