Navigating When in a Course

If you’re anything like me, it’s all to easy to get distracted while learning. The urge to procrastinate is a powerful one. That’s why our course layout is designed to help you focus. With a fresh, free-flowing intuitive design your productivity will be increased as you easily navigated around.

The important features here are as followed:

  • Side Bar
  • Progress Bar
  • Mark Complete
  • Profile

Side bar:

The side bar allows you to easily navigate around the course. Breaking it down into the course types (topic will be covered later). Icons to show you your progress and what needs to be done.

Progress Bar:

This bar is located the top of your page so that you can monitor the progress being made and see how many steps are left until course completion.

Mark Complete:

On your page you will see two “Mark Complete” buttons. We wanted you to be able to navigate and complete pages when you felt ready. Whether that be at the bottom of the page (as in the second picture) or at the top (which is always visible). We know not everyone absorbs information in the same way, so wanted to ensure that it was easy to navigate for all.


In the top right on your window, you will see your profile button. If you hover over this you can go back to the course home (as in the previous topic) or logout completely if you are done.

So we have now been through the basics of navigating into, and around a course. Our next step is to go into course structure.

Please click “Next Topic” to continue (these are populated where “Mark Complete” would be.

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