Preventing a Fall

Preventing a Fall

It’s not always possible to avoid working at height. Therefore, preventing a fall or falling objects from occurring is the next best thing. This can be done by either using an existing safe place to carry out the work or using additional protective equipment. Using an existing safe place is preferred as it does not require anyone to be exposed to the risk of a fall in order to set up the protective equipment. If additional protective equipment is used its preferred that collective protection is used before individual protection.

Collective protection


This is equipment that protects everyone without the person working at height having to act before it becomes effective. This means it protects everyone who’s potentially at-risk. Examples are guardrails, toeboards, fencing, scaffolding.

Individual protection

Worker Restraint System

This is protection that only protects the individual as it requires them to act before it becomes effective. These are things such as worker restraint systems that prevent a person getting into a situation where they could fall. These systems require the individual to act by putting a harness on correctly and clipping themselves in before they become effective.

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