Restraint Systems

Restraint systems

These are systems that physically restrain someone getting into a position were a fall could occur. There are a large variety of restraint systems used but they usually consist of a worker wearing a harness and being tethered to an unquestionably reliable anchor.  They are only to be used by individuals that are competent and have received the correct training.


  • Make sure the individual is trained and competent to use the restraint system
  • Make sure pre use checks are carried out
  • Make sure the restraint system is attached to an unquestionably reliable anchor
  • Make sure the restraint system is attached to the correct place on the harness

Do not:

  • Allow an individual that is not competent or trained to use the system
  • Use a restraint system in a situation where a fall could occur

Main Hazards:

  • Restraint system used by an incompetent and untrained individual
  • Restraint system is not correctly attached to the anchor or harness
  • Restraint system has been attached to an inappropriately positioned or weak anchor
  • User has an ill fitted harness

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