Step 4 – Record Findings and Implement them


Record Findings and Implement them

Record any significant findings including the hazards, how people might be harmed and what control measures you have put in place. If you have fewer than 5 employees you don’t have to write anything down. But it is beneficial to do so as you can review it at a later date and some clients may ask for a copy of your risk assessments. If you have 5 or more employees you are required by law to record it. Any records you produce should help you to communicate and manage the risks.

A risk assessment must be suitable and sufficient, it should show that:

  • An assessment of the hazards was done
  • You looked at who might be affected
  • You dealt with all the obvious significant hazards
  • The precautions are reasonable and the remaining risk is low
  • You involved your employees or their representatives in the process

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