Supporting Colleagues – The Importance of Listening

Now that you are making sure to look after yourself, you can begin supporting your colleagues. The points in this topic are focused on general support and as a result you do not necessarily need to be someones manager to utilise them.

The main thing you can do to support a colleague is LISTEN. To effectively listen to someone you must utilise a skill called ‘Active Listening‘. We won’t go into massive detail about here it here, but you can access the link at the bottom of this page for more information. To actively listen, you must give your full attention to what one is saying and engage in genuine conversation about what the person is talking about.

Listen to your colleague whilst removing any of your own biases or prejudice. It does not matter how valid you think their feelings are, what matters is that they are feeling that way. Actively engaging in non-judgemental conversation about a topic can help you grow as a person, and help them explore and deal with their problem. To ensure that this is done effectively, try to remember that there is a time and place for these conversations. As such, trying to bring up this conversation in the middle of an important meeting may not be the best approach.

Whilst engaging in this conversation you may find that your colleagues expresses some conerning ideas or thoughts. Again, make sure that you withhold judgement, but keep in mind that confidentiality may have to be broken under certain circumstances. If your colleague expresses intent to peform and act of terrorism, or cause harm to themselves or others you must tell the appropriate person in your organisation for this to be followed up. And although it is rumored that talking about suicide can cause someone to do it – this is completely false. Talking about suicide candidly can actually make a person less likely to commit the act. It can be a difficult conversation, however it is one worth having.

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