Supporting Colleagues who are Away from Work

Supporting a colleague who is not currently at work can be a little difficult, however here a few things you can do:

  • Respect confidentiality (where appropriate) – Ask the person who if they would like their colleagues to be told.
  • Remind your colleague to be mindful of the image they present to the world. Posting pictures of a holiday in the Bahamas may not be a good idea.
  • Remember to ask your colleague to work outings. They may say no, but inviting them could mean a lot.
  • If appropriate, send a card. Reminding them that their colleagues care may help them through the difficult time.
  • Call them. Being ill with mental health can be very isolating, a phone call could be the only social contact they have had that day.
  • Ask them if there is anything you can do at work for them in their abesence such as clean their desk.
  • Greet them warmly when they return and talk candidly about them being off.
  • Ask them how they are.
  • Ask them if they want any additional support in their return to work.

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