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All aspects of the task should be analysed in detail. This includes thinking about:

  • If the load is held away from the body. The further the load is held away from the body the more stress it applies to the lower back.
  • The distances the load is carried. Carrying loads over longer distances will increase the physical demands on the individual.
  • Does the load need to be lifted or lowered considerable distances?
  • What affect does the task have on the body posture. Does it require stooping over or twisting?
  • Is there excessive pushing and pulling required?
  • Does the task require frequent or prolonged physical activity? The weights that can be lifted will decrease over prolonged activity due to fatigue.
  • Does the task allow for sufficient rest and recovery periods? Appropriate breaks are required to allow workers to recover from strenuous activity.
  • Does the task require an imposed rate of work? For example, production lines require workers to carry out their tasks at a certain pace.
  • Does the task involve handling loads from a seated position? This may increase poor posture as loads are not being lifted with the legs and excessive twisting may be taking place.
  • Does the task require two or more people to handle the load?
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