The Course Page

So you made it this far without being told how to inform courses – so well done!

So for the most part you will have to have purchased a course to get access to a course (other than this one).

So we will assume you have purchased a course (thank you!). You will be present with a screen similar to this:

Course when not purchased

While logged out, this screen provides some basic information about a course, the ability to add it to your basket and the price. Once this course has been bought (and started) the screen will change slightly to reflect the below:

Course when purchased and started

As you can see, the “Add to basket” button has been replaced by a resume button andd you now have a progress bar at the top allowing you to see how far you have progressed through the course.

If you scroll further down the page (past the further information) you will see a breakdown of the course content, all of which can be expanded to show what the course if comprised of. As below:

Course content

At this point you have not actually accessed the course. Next we will look at how a course looks like when we are in them.

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