Ways of Working

Ways of Working

You can minimise the risks of hazardous substances through the ways you work. This might involve changing some of the following areas to reduce the risks of hazardous substances. 

  • Operating procedures – this might include minimising number of workers that are exposed to the hazardous substance or minimising the amount of time workers are exposed.
  • Supervision might be used to ensure workers are correctly following operating procedures
  • Training all staff to safely use, handle, transport and store the hazardous substances
  • Emergency procedures should be in place to minimise the effects of an emergency
  • Permits to work might be used to limit workers exposer
  • Ensure workplace exposure limits are being followed

Workplace Exposure Limits

Workplace exposure limits are the maximum concentration of an airborne substance to which employees may be exposed. This can be done by measuring workers exposure to substances within the air. Around 500 substances have workplace exposure limits. Each exposure limit may be different depending the substance or combination of substances a worker is exposed to and how long the worker is exposed.  Exceeding these workplace exposure limits may lead to prosecution.

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