Why is fire safety important?

There are over 20,000 reports of commercial fires in the UK each year. These fires can cause injuries, death, damage to property, damage to environment and damage to businesses. Its estimated that 75% of businesses do not recover after a serious fire.

1985 Bradford City Stadium Fire

On the 11th may 1985 Bradford city stadium caught fire. The cavity below the seating area caught fire and in less than 4 minutes the entire stadium was engulfed. This killed 56 spectators and injured at least 265 people.

Piper Alpha

In 1988 the piper alpha oil rig off the coast of Aberdeen caught fire. Staff were not made aware that they should not use a piece of pipework. This resulted in a gas leak which later ignited causing an explosion. The platform was completely destroyed and the fire took 3 weeks to bring under control. 167 out of the 228 workers on the oil rig were killed.

Its painfully obvious that the damage caused by fire can be hugely devastating in a short space of time. Therefore, its essential that we manage this risk within the workplace

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